Staying Secure While Strutting with your Pup: A Guide to Dog Walking Safety

On March 30th, why not head outside and celebrate Take a Walk in the Park Day with your furry friend? Just be sure to stay aware of potential risks that could dampen an otherwise pleasant jaunt—keep watchful eyes out for these safety hazards when walking your beloved pet.

#1: Other dogs

When it comes to running into other dogs, caution should be taken as this can lead to a hazardous outcome. Even if the other dog appears friendly yet is off-leash, your canine companion may perceive them as an enemy and react accordingly. To prevent any future incident from occurring, stay alert for any and all four-legged creatures while simultaneously observing how they behave around each other; you want your puppy relaxed at all times! If possible, try steering clear of parks during peak hours when there is a large group of dogs in attendance; this could lead to potential fights that are better avoided altogether.

#2: Traffic

When you head out to the park, remain vigilant of all traffic—cars, bicycles, and pedestrians. To avoid any accidents or harm coming to others around you or your pet, keep them close by on a secure leash that is not retractable. Even if it’s only for a momentary second while they go after an animal ahead, an unlocked long lead can result in someone being clotheslined by your pet, wrapped up in the leash itself, or worse yet, having the rope snap under pressure!

#3: Wildlife

As your pup trails their snout around the park, they may track down animal burrows, nests, and relaxation spots. Even though wild creatures usually flee when people and pets get near them, a few of them might defend their young ones, nourishment, or home by becoming assertive. Furthermore, since wild animals are disease transmitters and carriers of parasites it’s best to leave them alone.

#4: Parasites

Keep your furry friend safe from unwanted intruders by administering preventative measures against fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and intestinal parasites year-round. Also, double-check for bugs when you come back home after a day in the park—make sure to inspect their nose all the way down to their tail!

If your pet loves to explore nature with you, make sure they are kept safe from contagious illnesses and parasites by providing regular preventative care. Contact our team today to set up a wellness appointment for your furry friend!